Wednesday 15 November 2017

My Inquiry- Why do earthquakes happen?

-Earthquakes are usually caused when rocks underground suddenly break along a fault.

-Earthquake-like seismic waves can also be caused by explosions underground.

-During the earthquake the plates or blocks of rocks start moving and they continue to move until they get stuck again.

-After a while, the rocks  break because of the pressure that's built up.

-When the rocks break the earthquake occurs.

-Sometimes you won't be able to feel the earthquake.

-The rocks are pushing against each other but are not moving.

-The concrete breaks when two plates are rubbed against each other and start to stick a little bit.

Research done by Carlynne

Wednesday 13 September 2017

A hot cup of chocolate for morning tea...Mmm!

         Check out our recipe.


1. a cup     

2. hot water
3. milk         

4. a spoon     

5. marshmallows

6. cocoa



step 1:Get a cup and put 3tsp of cocoa also add
2tsp of sugar with the spoon.             

step 2:Pour half a cup of hot water and stir it
gently .                                     
step 3:Pour milk into it and stir it carefully, so 
that it doesn't spill out.               

step 4:Put the delicious marshmallows on top.

step 5:Enjoy  your delicious hot chocolate. A

cup of hot chocolate is like a best friend.

From: Carlynne                                


Thanks to Mrs Sood who helped us make the hot chocolate.

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Happy Birthday Mele!

Your cake was so divine, thanks for bringing it for us. 

Thursday 20 July 2017

Maori Week

Tame's mum read a legend The Fish of Maui to us during the Maori week. We loved listening to the story. Even Tame's baby sister was super quiet and a fantastic listener! Tame's mum also helped us with our legend art.  She helped Latai in drawing the Tekoeko of the whare. A special thanks from Lupe and Latai to her.

In term 2 Room 10 went to Otara pools once a week to learn swimming. We enjoyed every bit of it, right from the bus ride to the swim in the nice warm water. We used to look forward to every Friday for our swimming lesson. 

Our Zoo trip

Room 10 were blessed to have such awesome parent
helpers. We wouldn't have done without them. 

We listened carefully to one of the zoo keepers who took
us around the giraffe, zebra and ostrich enclosures. 

Let us introduce our parents. One on the left is J'zyah's mum, Tame's aunty is in the middle and

on the far right is Lavinea's mum. Thanks for coming and having a wonderful time with us at the zoo. 

Saturday 15 July 2017

                                    Literacy Week

J'zyah dressed up as the one eyed king of the sea!